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it has been awhile

yay for...

....finding you have crayons
....printable coloring book pages
....really nice weather
....it being humpday!
yay for finding KMFDM's new CD. :D

Jul. 5th, 2007

yay for having the day off work!
and swimming in a lake that's not full of dead fish
and getting more writing done at the park outside
and games of hearts in the gloaming
and discovering my squirt guns again
and ice cream
and fireworks even if they took forever
and my first mask turning out awesome


Yay for...

Beautiful, lovely rain and the way it makes the world smell.
Having the whole weekend off!
Getting slobbering drunk last night, and having a fun time with Ben Bohart.
More and more tomatoes coming in!
Buying produce!!!
Ants on a log (celery and peanut butter and raisins)
The bunny being cute and poppy this morning.
Waking up in Erin's breezy house with the windows open and birdies talking.
Getting all sexy and going out tonight!
Mom understanding and being empathetically pissed about Corey and his ridiculosity.
Going to the lake in a little over a week! (Fuck that means I really have to save this paycheck.)
People being surprised that I'm 20 lbs over the ideal weight for my height.
Ditching the diet last night!

Jun. 20th, 2007

gettin drunk because it feels good
lotsa money from lotsa workin
my chemical romance
Lost first season
being competent at my job
family in less than a month!

yay -- SQUEE -- for...

+ Ana coming to visit! On Saturday! :D :D :D
+ Also for Ana being here at the right time so she can meet Stephen.
+ My room actually starting to look clean

Yay For!

not working on weekends!
Stevie and Grant coming this Thursday!
Rufus coming this Monday!
bunny giving me sooo many kisses!
Meg getting into Buffy!


*Potentially bad conversation with boy turning into a very good one in which confusing (as they were explained by Patch) things were laboriously translated and worked out into a happy ending.
*Sweet Honeysuckle candle from Mommy!
*Splurging on beautystuffs
*Cooking smells
*Lots of sex in Carnivale (mesohorny)
*Work flying by due to 6th Harry Potter!
*Finding gorgeous green celtic journal to give to boy before his trip
*Bunny snugglins
*Puppy coming soon!
*Ganking laundry facilities from Erin and (finally) getting clean undies.
*Really, really liking "Waitress" and seeing Nathan Filion in lots of fun, spontaneous sex scenes. MMmmmmmmmmmmmm......(drool)

teh yayz!

yay for:

+ a slightly creepy YAY! icon
+ New Mexico road trip
+ feeling optimistic about a story-a-week challenge
+ being able to put hair back up into a ponytail again
+ Juno Reactor!
+ a ton of new music in general
+ that Threadless shirt I've been wanting going on sale for $10 :D
+ no work until the first of next month (I think....I hope!)
+ being on Madison's campus just in time for a drum troupe's awesome performance
+ Cold Stone twice in one weekend!
+ physical affection
+ possible Anavisists
+ finding my reserve pair of skechers so I don't have to walk around with plastic digging into the back of my foot anymore or shoelaces that are falling apart

apparently there have been a lot of little yayfors. whee. yay for yayfors?

Yay for...

Drunken goat cheese!
Switching winter clothes for summer clothes in closet!
A Goofy Movie
Notes on a Scandal
Writing party tonight!
Farmer's market!
Friends and stuff.
Harry Potter #5 passing many an hour at Dippin Dots.

*Also for the "good" mood icon having a Bible with it.